Episode #1 The Great Reset

Everyone is talking about the WEF. Just like everyone was talking about Bilderberg Group and the Council on foreign relations. I don’t think the WEF is unique or ever-powerful. I wouldn’t give them that much credit. I would however be lying if I said the WEF’s globalized mission, and the mission of stakeholder capitalists isn’t one to cause concern. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned…

We need the receipts though and this episode doesn’t hold back.


+Land Grab

+Death of cash

+Klaus Schwab connections


+Nazi ties

+No more personal privacy

WEF partner corporations

Walmart, Yahoo, Verizon, Uber, Coca’Cola, Shell, Paypal, Nestle, New York Times

Moderna, Meta, LinkedIn, JP Morgan, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Google, Apple

Dow Jones, CVS, Black Rock, Bank of America, Bloomberg, Bill & Melinda Gates,

AARP, Bayer & so many more


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